Video call app development

By combining the latest VP9 and H265 video codecs with our proprietary low bandwidth technology, we can develop a video call app that

Consumes up to 30% to 40% less bandwidth than competitor video call apps like Facebook Messenger


Delivers high quality calls


Voice call app development

With our proprietary Gentay Compression System (GCS), Dynamic Routing Selection (DRS) and Mobile Optimisation, you can deliver a voice call service that:

Consumes up to 80% less bandwidth as compared to competitor VoIP apps, while delivering 100% call quality


Selects the best connectivity method for a specific call, ensuring high quality calls and quick call connections


Has low CPU usage, is optimised for cellular battery life and storage e.g. incorporates neon support for Android


Messaging app development

We built Stork, a custom carrier-grade message broker that powers the messaging behind VoIP apps. It is an extremely performant, reliable, scalable message delivery system that transmits any volume of data, at any level of throughput, without losing messages or requiring other services to always be available.

Stork has been built to handle up to 1 million devices and extreme (up to 20K msg/sec) message throughout
(per broker)

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Stork is built with the highest security requirements and supports all state-of-theart security standards like SSL/TLS


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