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We are a small, but unique, start-up located in sunny Singapore. We have been hard at work developing some really cool technology. All of our innovations are revolutionary and disruptive – we don’t focus on “me too” products…it is far more fun to work on exciting and new ideas!

Our latest release is nanu – the worlds first ultra low band width VoIP application that is storming the world and offering cellular phone users the ability to make free VoIP calls with an unrivalled degree of clarity and stability. Unlike conventional VoIP applications such as Skype/Viber/Line etc that only operate on uncongested 3g cellular networks of LTE networks, nanu works perfectly well on 2g networks due to the low bandwidth requirements of our technology. In addition, unlike the conventional VoIP applications, when using nanu over a 3g and LTE network, the call quality will offer High Definition sound.

But that’s not all…

We have also developed a brand new business model that will enable us to offer free phone calls not only from app-to-app such as the conventional VoIP applications, but we also offer free app-to nonapp calls! Yes, calls from nanu to any land line or any mobile, anywhere in the world!

How do we do this? Well, we have developed technology to insert a non-intrusive advert over the ring tone, so whilst you are waiting for the call recipient to pick up the call, you will listen to a short advert. This advert will pay for the call.

Initially we will be offering free unlimited app-to-all calls with a limited number of minutes per subscriber of app-to-nonapp calls to 73 global destinations, covering 60% of the world population. However, as time goes by and we grow the subscriber bases, we will offer more and more free minutes and include more and more countries until we can reach our mission of delivering free unlimited calls to all, anywhere in the world.

Later this year, we plan to incorporate into our nanu app a very different messaging system that we believe will be a category killer….what this space for more information

Early next year, we plan to resolve one of the most annoying feature for roaming cellular phone users – the ridiculously high cost of roaming incoming phone calls. Of course, we have resolved the problem with the cost of outgoing phone calls whilst roaming since all you need is a local data SIM card and you can make free outgoing calls, but what about the incoming calls? Watch this space! We are developing technology that will allow you to receive incoming phone calls on your existing cellular phone number free of charge!

Our Team

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.


Martin Nygate

Director / CEO

Daniel Nygate

Director / CTO

Marcus Yeung



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